Thursday, October 30

Things I disagree with as a concept...


Jeremy Kyle.



Sex and the City.

That "laugh out loud" acronym.



John Alan Birch said...

They be some pretty good things to disagree with if i'm honest. Never been a big fan of religion.

can I add:

'this Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand Nonsense'

if i may.

Jules... said...

Oh yes. I do agree, and not only because I am a big J-Ro fan (not so much Brand personally I find him a large twat) but come on, there is much more important "news" than this.

John Alan Birch said...

Yeah Ross is never gonna leave the BBC he's too big a part of it. As for Brand I can't stand that man - so irritating, gets under my sking bigtime - the less i see/hear of him the better to be honest!