Wednesday, July 30

Four years old you say? Never...

I'm sitting watching a tv programme called "My Kid Could Paint That" on BBC4 about a 4 year old girl, Marla Olmstead who has been claimed a child prodigy of the art world. Some of her works have been going for anything up to $15,000. Lucky her.
I had a look at her gallery on her website and to be honest, not one single part of me, for one second believes that that little girl painted these all by herself. And I'm not the only one shrewd enough to work this out. So to "dis-prove" claims that they were lying, they filmed her painting. (Although did mention she does not perform the same when on camera. Convenient.) First time it was edited not so well and you can hear her father instructing her, and sometimes getting ratty with her, it's also cut in places so it's not proof of her completing it and doing it by herself. Also in documentary footage she tells her dad, "you draw on it", "draw a face on it" and he laughs and tries to talk his way out of it. Wanker. The second piece was filmed in its totality, from start to finish and as you can see from below the finished piece is not anything like the others...

The first four were painted without a camera present to confirm or deny her actual input whereas, the bottom one, "Ocean" was the one painted whilst being videod. Quite clearly a childlike use of color and shape. (Note the adorable yellow teddy bear.) And the top four have obviously had more thought and consideration put to them. For example the colour choice and the brush work is much more deliberate, it's been thought about. (Not that I'm saying I like these pieces or think they are very good.) These examples include my personal favourite, "Eyes"(3rd from the top), which features a face in it's top right corner, complete with proportional features. "Four years old you say? Never..."

I don't think it really needs to be said but, they're obviously the work of an adult or at most a child with adult direction, which to be honest you could probably make a lot of children do, if you make them. What makes me laugh the most is that people buy these things for ridiculous amounts of money thinking they are the work of some genius. Yeah, her father who is laughing all the way to the bank. The couple who bought "Ocean" only bought it cause it was the one in the video, because it is more famous. She quite clearly didn't like it, but paid $20,000 for it. What an idiot.


jenuine said...

haha, my mum was telling me she watched this too. apparently the guy was like "hay, i'm just leaving your canvas over here, yanno, if you maybe feel like painting today... just over here.. just if you feel like it...okay?"

alex said...

oh my goodness i saw this too!! what utter bullsh*t (i've always wanted to write a swear word like that!)
she so didn't paint them-her dad would be like "why don't you put some red pant there, you love red paint don't you?"
and the ones they filmed her painting turned out sh*t (yes again!) they were just brown cos she mixed all the colours together. how convenient that she only paiinted good when the camera wasn't on her!
that dads a bit of a psycho really, and what fools were the people who bought them for all that money.
complete scam!